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Video Conferencing Carts

Video conferencing carts and cabinets are designed for specific applications, from general conference room applications to mobile medical carts or carts designed for the classroom.

Don't see it here? Give us a call and we'll find it. Video Conferencing Supply is the first, fully specialized Video Conferencing supply store and we take pride in the fact that we can get it ALL for you.

Video Conferencing Carts available from Video Conferencing Supply:

  • Avteq Carts are often chosen for their sturdiness, reliability and reputation as the leading video conferencing cart solution.
  • Display Mounting Systems can be used in areas with less floor space because they take up less room and blend in easily with any decor.
  • Dual Display Carts are used for systems with more than one display.
  • Single Display carts are a simple solution for your everyday video conferencing needs.

Why Choose Video Conferencing Supply?

  • We believe that access to a face-to-face conversation shouldn't have to mean a plane ride, and with video conferencing supplies, offered at a lower price than our competitors, more organizations and individuals can take advantage of video.
  • Video conferencing enables businesses to see a fast return on investment, with on-demand access to face-to-face conversations
  • Video Conferencing Supply offers technical support
  • Video Conferencing Supply offers the lowest prices

Video Conferencing Supply is always adding more products, so be sure to come back and see what's new and exciting in the Video Conferencing world!

For more information, help finding a specific product, or for a consultation, please contact our sales staff at
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