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Video Conferencing 101

People are hardwired to communicate more effectively when they are meeting face to face. The hand gestures, facial expressions and stances we use when talking are natural and something we’re used to seeing from others.

Video conferencing restores our capacity to fully communicate with one another. This technology bridges the divide that occurs between communications and productivity when people chat through only email or telephone.

Through video conferencing solutions, people are seeing each other again and having more natural conversations, boosting engagement and overall efficiency.

People Video Conferencing

Returning the Investment

  • Reduce travel expenses to and from meetings
  • Communicate with several sites at once
  • Share documents, data and presentations
  • Always meet on time with no delays
  • Join conferences through mobile devices and computers

For any type of meeting, video conferencing is just as good as—if not better than—being in person. Schedule regular virtual meetings with customers and remote workers, instantly submit project proposals, and receive overall convenience.

Free Services VS Paid Solutions

    Free Services

  • Money Icon

    Low Cost

  • Plus Sign

    Gateway to Video Conferencing Benefits

    Paid Solutions

  • People Icon

    Feels like everyone is in the same room

  • HD Monitor

    HD Video

  • Monitor


  • Content Sharing Icon

    Content Sharing

  • Microphone Icon


  • Monitors

    Multiple monitor support

  • Camera Icon

    Cameras for every room size

On-Premise VS Hosted Video Conferencing

    Video Conferencing

  • Server Icon

    Hardware is in office

  • Badge Icon

    Complete control & authority

    Video Conferencing

  • Money Icon

    Pay to access

  • Arrows

    Automatic upgrades & maintenance

Codecs, Standards, Etc.

The technical stuff.

Protocols like H.264 are how video conferencing systems communicate with each other; environments like Microsoft Lync let users integrate more applications into the video conference; and HD video and wideband audio offer true-to-life conversation quality.

A lot of technical stuff to consider. We’ll save these lessons for Video Conferencing 201. Or jump ahead of the class and contact our technical support team.