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Installed audio solutions provide enterprises with highest-class audio and systemwide integration. Intended for high-end conference rooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, and similarly demanding locations, installed audio systems consist of dedicated audio servers and connected microphones and controls. 

Buy with confidence here, knowing we only sell installed audio platforms from the most reliable business audio manufacturers. For dedicated video conferencing and audio conferencing spaces, look to installed audio.

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  • Polycom SoundStructure C8, 2200-33080-001
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    Polycom SoundStructure C8, 2200-33080-001

    Polycom C8 Audio System has up to 8 channels available and delivers unparalleled scale and flexibility. With advanced signal grouping, channel labeling and sub mixing, you can leverage existing designs and configurations for your future installations and expansions, which ultimately saves money and time. SoundStructure Studio software will simplify configuration while enabling advanced acoustic designs for existing, and evolving, needs.

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  • Polycom SoundStructure C12, 2200-33120-001
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    Polycom SoundStructure C12, 2200-33120-001

    The Polycom SoundStructure C12 features innovative Polycom OBAM matrix architecture that allows you to combine up to eight SoundStructure units to appear as one system, to deliver scalability and flexibility. Polycom SoundStructure Studio software can help simplify configuration while enabling advanced acoustic designs for existing and evolving needs.

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  • Polycom SoundStructure C16, 2200-33160-001
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    Polycom SoundStructure C16, 2200-33160-001

    The Polycom Polycom C16 SoundStructure delivers full-stereo echo cancellation and feedback elimination that allows users to focus on the conversation, not the technology. The SoundStructure C16 offers advanced signal grouping, channel labeling and sub mixing to enable the leveraging of the existing design, as well as enable the future installations. The C16 allows multiple design and configuration options to enable fast, efficient world-class acoustics to a variety of room environments.

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  • Polycom SoundStructure SR12, 2200-36120-001
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    Polycom SoundStructure SR12, 2200-36120-001

    The Polycom SoundStructure SR12 is an installed audio solution that gives a powerful and flexible audio processing solution for commercial sound applications that don't require conferencing capabilities. The SR12 is a 12-channel noise canceller and feedback reducer, designed for use in a variety of applications, including stadiums, conference centers, hotels, night clubs, houses of worship and restaurants. With a gain sharing automixer, you get automatic gain control on all inputs to ensure consistent microphone pickup while preventing acoustic feedback.

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