Video Conferencing 101

Video conferencing is a rapidly growing workplace technology. More and more businesses are choosing video conferencing as their go-to communications solution.

Why Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing is a natural solution for business communications. People naturally respond better and understand more when speaking face-to-face. Facial expressions, hand gestures, bodily poses: we all respond to these innately.

With previous workplace technologies like phonecalls or text-based chatting, we were missing out on an enormous part of the conversation. Video conferencing restores our natural capacity to communicate directly.

When you're part of a professional video conference, you feel like you're all in the same room. You're seeing everyone's expressions and gestures, hearing their voices, feeling the excitement of collaboration.

This is why enterprises everywhere are choosing video conferencing.

Return on Investment

Video conferencing can also save your business time and money.

For one thing, travel costs can be significantly reduced, even as you expand your capability to reach anyone in the entire world. You are connecting with clients with a high degree of intimacy and professionalism, and you never need to go through customs.

Video conferencing is also, surprisingly, a highly portable form of communications. With the state of current technology, you can join a teleconference using a smartphone or tablet or laptop from almost anywhere.

Many businesses have also stated that it's just more efficient for them to set up and hold a video conference than a typical meeting. They're easy to set up, and people have a range of options for being part of the conversation. They're more flexible.

Because of its nature, video conferencing tends to discourage idle conversation, so people get down to working and collaborating more quickly. Often, much less time is spent on chit-chat.

Professional Video Conferencing

We're all familiar by now with video conferencing of some sort, whether that's Skyping your grandparents or Facetiming your children. And we all know that, lovely though it may be, the quality and reliability is not always there.

Businesses need better. That's why Video Conferencing Supply only works top-tier manufacturers of professional video conferencing equipment.

Because we're Certified Specialists, you know you're getting authentic video conferencing products with trained support staff to back every purchse. Professional video conferencing is a major investment, and we want to help you invest smartly.

Professional video conferencing systems are secure, reliable, and flexible. Features that you might look for include:

  • Support for high quality video codecs that provide HD picture quality without eating up all your bandwidth.
  • Quality of Service controls for optimizing data feeds to let you get stable connections and better picture quality.
  • Secure log-in procedures and standards-compliant encryption for protecting your business conversations.
  • Enterprise-class multipoint or point-to-point conferencing through VPNs or firewalls.
  • Wideband audio microphones and speakers for providing a natural conversation.

With professional video conferencing, the depth of features, the quality of product, and the level of security is all higher.

Businesses need better, so we deliver better. Video Conferencing Supply is the premier online source of Authentic, Professional Video Conferencing Equipment.

Hosted vs Premise

One of the most important decisions a business will need to make with video conferencing is Hosted vs Premise.

Hosted video conferencing means your communications are controlled by a service provider. On-premise video conferencing means you control your communications. There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Choosing premise video conferencing means you'll have a larger investment up front for servers, codecs, and other technology. The advantage is that you gain detailed control over all your communications and all your technology. You won't have to pay a lasting subscription for service, either.

Going with hosted video conferencing means you have a smaller up front investment and you don't have to worry as much about upkeep. Because it's their specialty, the service provider will likely be able to keep their technology more up to date than most businesses. But what you gain in simplicity can be offset by continuing subscription costs for the service and less control over your communications.