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Yealink USB2CAT5E-EXT USB Extender


Greatly extend the reach of your USB devices using the Yealink USB2CAT5E-EXT. Combining a transmitter and receiver, the device lets you send a USB signal through a standard Cat5e Ethernet cable with a maximum range of 40 meters (131'). © 2022...


Yealink MTouch II Touch Panel


Yealink MTouch II is a touch control panel for managing Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms meetings. It is an 8" touchscreen tablet, giving it a familiar user interface for all level of users. Using MTouch II, you can schedule meetings, manage attendees,...


Logitech Tap Wall Mount, 939-001817


Deploy a Logitech Tap wall mount to secure a Logitech Tap controller in meeting rooms. For a clean finish in rooms the 939-001817 mounts the meeting controller flush on walls. Included cable clinch keeps the HDMI cable out of sight and built-in cable...


Logitech Tap Table Mount, 939-001811


The Logitech Tap Table Mount provides secure installation of a Logitech Tap IP device. Mount your Tap controller to the table to provide a secure installation. 180° pivot provides easy accessibility to the controller. Keep the room free of clutter...