Skype Video Conferencing Equipment

Skype is one of the first video conferencing platforms that allowed for connectivity from almost any device. With the broad range of hardware support often comes a broad range of compatibility questions. The good news is that our team of experts has been working with the Skype platform for over a decade and a half! Considering our experience with Skype and related video conferencing systems, equipment, hardware, and accessories, we have dedicated a section of our site, specifically to Skype.

However, don't stress if you take a look around and are still unsure which hardware will work best with your Skype video conferencing solution. Our team of experienced sales and support engineers are here waiting to help you find the correct video conferencing system, equipment, hardware, camera, or accessories to work with Skype. Additionally, our staff members are manufacturer-certified for all manufacturers that we sell Microsoft Teams video conferencing hardware solutions, including Aver, Cisco, Dolby, HuddleCamHD, Jabra, Lifesize, Logitech, Poly, Polycom, and Yealink, so you are in good hands if you require pre-sales or post-sales technical support. 

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us using our contact page or by phone at (888) 272-5560.

Also, please note that when we talk about video conferencing by room size, we are mainly refereeing to the number of people at the conference room table. We are less concerned about the actual square footage of the conference room.

As a result, we generally classify room-size as follows:

  • Huddle room: 1 to 5 people
  • Small room: 6-8 people
  • Medium room: 9-13 people
  • Large room: more than 14 people


Yealink UVC40 All-In-One USB Video Bar

$899.00 $739.00

Yealink UVC40 is an all-in-one video bar that provides extremely detailed 4k UHD video, and all you need to do is plug in the USB cable. UVC40 features a 20MP camera with 1" Sony sensor. The 133° wide-angle field-of-view and 8x ePTZ functionality...