Having the proper microphone setup can make or break the audio or video conferencing experience. At Video Conferencing Supply, we feature microphone solutions for systems of all makes and models along with solutions for nearly all room sizes.

Please note that when we talk about video conferencing by room size, we are mainly refereeing to the number of people at the conference room table. We are less concerned about the actual square footage of the conference room.

As a result, we generally classify room-size as follows:

  • Huddle room: 1 to 5 people
  • Small room: 6-8 people
  • Medium room: 9-13 people
  • Large room: more than 14 people


Yealink VCM38 Ceiling Microphone


Yealink VCM38 is a professional installed audio solution. This beam-forming ceiling-mounted microphone array integrates 8 microphones. It has 360° voice pickup, plus advanced echo cancellation and Noise Proof technology to limit background...


AVer SVC Orbit Series Microphone


AVer SVC MicrophoneLooking to bring more voices into the conversation? Get this official expansion microphone for the AVer SVC Orbit Series Video Conferencing System with Omni-Protocol Support. This stylish, corded microphone provides 360° audio out to...


Dolby Satellite Microphone Kit

Dolby Satellite Microphone KitDolby Satellite Microphone Kit provides a pair of expansion microphones for Dolby Conference Phone, extending the range of the legendary Dolby audio to more team members. These wired microphones feature 360° audio pickup out...