Dolby Voice Room Kit, DVR-BJN-1-KIT

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Dolby Voice Room Kit

Dolby Voice Room Kit offers a full, cost-effective video conferencing system with class-leading audio and cutting-edge video technology. When used with a Dolby Voice Room Dolby Conference Phone, with its gorgeous touchscreen display and stylish dome design, is the control center, microphone, and speaker of the system. It offers full-room audio pickup with HD audio and Dolby noise reduction. Spatial audio technology using Dolby's new audio codec remembers where the voices are and transmits that information to the other end, making the conference feel incredibly lifelike. Dynamic leveling makes quieter or more distant voices louder to ensure everyone is heard.

Dolby Voice Camera uses a 4k UHD sensor to give you highly detailed video. Intelligent scene framing senses where people are and adjusts the picture frame accordingly, so you always have an excellent picture. Whiteboard view lets you select the board using the conference phone. It then corrects the perspective, giving you a dedicated view of your brainstorming. HDR video mapping continuously adjusts light levels to give you the best picture under difficult or changing lighting. Dolby Voice Hub has dual HDMI and Gigabit Ethernet connections for dual display mode and future-proof bandwidth. It connects to your LAN. Dolby Voice Room requires a compatible video conferencing service provider.

Dolby Voice Room Features:

  • Dolby Conference Phone with full-room-audio
  • Spatial audio provides lifelike voice placement
  • Dynamic leveling makes quiet or distant voices louder
  • Dolby Voice Camera with 4k UHD sensor
  • Whiteboard view focuses on collaboration and brainstorming
  • Intelligent scene framing adjusts picture based on sensing people
  • HDR video mapping keeps lighting excellent
  • Dual monitor support for better collaboration
  • Dolby Voice Hub with dual HDMI ports and PoE
  • Integrated system improves trust and security
  • Connects system to service providers
  • Requires compatible cloud-based video conferencing system

Dolby Voice Room Kit Includes:

  • Dolby Conference Phone
  • Dolby Voice Camera
  • Dolby Voice Hub
  • Cables
Room Size:
Small Room
Site Connectivity:
Content Sharing:
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