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Poly RealPresence Desktop 100 User License, 5150-75109-100

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SKU: 5150-75109-100
UPC: 610807770473
Condition: New
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Warranty: 1-Year Warranty
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Poly RealPresence Desktop 100 User License, 5150-75109-100

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Poly 5150-75109-100

RealPresence Desktop provides an engaging user experience and a click-to-call experience making it easier to enter into a video call than the typical telephone conference. RealPresence Desktop delivers the highest quality audio, video, and content whether youre in the office or on the road. Polys patented software not only protects the video stream but also encrypts and automatically adjusts for network congestion.

Your organization realizes an immediate return on investment through extensive support for standards-based SVC/AVC interoperability. The flexible video solutions mean you are provided with an optimized visual experience without user interaction. Your organizations IT administrators maximize video resource utilization through flexible multipoint interoperability.

RealPresence Desktop provides your CIO with a collaboration tool that leverages a wide set of industry standards. The application interoperates with any standards-based software or room based video endpoints for immediate return on investment.

Easy to deploy and manage, the application may be preconfigured and provisioned directly from the Poly RealPresence Resource Manager. This eliminates complex user setup, anticipates network bandwidth needs and provides robust call detail records for future planning and accounting.

RealPresence Desktop supports a wide range of deployment needs. Your organization can start with as few as one user license and grow to 10,000, cost effectively, by adding the RealPresence Resource Manager.

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