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What Is a Zoom Video Conferencing System?

Posted by Robin Crake on Feb 11, 2022

Over the last two years, Zoom has become one of the most important services in the business communications ecosystem. Zoom is now a verb that doesn’t just mean go fast. It’s a synonym for video conferencing. “Let’s hop on a Zoom.”

They’ve developed a platform for professional video conferencing with audio conferencing and content sharing included: Zoom Rooms.

As more people use it, the demand for Zoom Rooms compatible video conferencing hardware is increasing. And people want to know before they buy that their devices are going to work with Zoom. That’s why it’s best to shop for Zoom Certified equipment from reliable manufacturers like Poly and Yealink.

To attain certification, a device needs to meet strict standards for performance and compatibility according to what type of device it is: camera, speakerphone, touch controller, and so on.

We offer Zoom Rooms Certified video conferencing equipment from trusted manufacturers.

Poly Studio X70 Video Conferencing Bar

Poly Studio X70

Zoom Rooms Video Conferencing Systems

What devices are considered part of a Zoom video conferencing system? There are quite a few that might be part of one. The core devices, however, could be thought of as camera, microphone, and speaker. Usually, the microphone and speaker are part of the same thing: a conference phone, speakerphone, or similar.

In fact, all three could be the save device with a video conferencing bar like the Yealink MeetingBar A20 for Zoom Rooms. This powerful video conferencing bar has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 to power advanced features like automatic group framing and speaker tracking. Its 20MP camera sensor means exceptional detail.

Often, however, the devices are separate. What do you do if you’re starting from nothing? Our advice is to look into a Zoom Rooms video conferencing kit. Yealink and Poly build Zoom Rooms video conferencing bundles that include all the devices you need for specific room sizes.

Take Yealink ZVC640 Zoom Rooms Kit. It has the Zoom Edition of the CP960 conference phone, plus a UVC84 camera and a MCore mini-PC with the Zoom Rooms app preinstalled. The conference phone offers exceptional audio quality with 360° voice pickup out to 20’. The UVC84 is a PTZ camera with 4K Ultra HD resolution and 12x optical zoom. The devices together are perfect for a medium to large conference room.

Quick clarification: When we talk about “room size,” we’re actually talking how many people are in the room. Here’s a rough breakdown.

  • Huddle room: 1 to 5 people
  • Small room: 6 to 8 people
  • Medium room: 9 to 13 people
  • Large room: more than 14 people

There are other devices that can be part of a Zoom video conferencing system, including peripherals like a touch controller. A touch controller is simply a dedicated tablet that acts as the operating center for your conference calls: adjust the camera, add participants, schedule meetings, and so on. For example, Poly Studio X70 is a dual-camera video conferencing bar that can come packaged with a TC8 touch controller. The TC8 has an 8” touchscreen display and integrated stand, so it can be placed in a convenient location on the conference table for people to manage the video calls. One additional great feature of Studio X70 is that it supports dual displays.

Displays are one of the key components of a video conferencing system. There aren’t, to the best of our knowledge, Zoom Certified displays yet, so all you need to worry about is getting one (or two) of the right size with the right connectors, i.e., HDMI.

And that’s most of the equipment you’ll typically have to worry about a basic Zoom video conferencing installation.

How do you know what devices to buy? Our advice is simple. Figure out how many people are going to be on the video calls. If you’re starting from scratch, just buy a Zoom Rooms video conferencing kit for that room size. If you already have some equipment, look at the kits we offer and buy the devices you’re missing.

And if you still have questions, give us a call at (888) 272-5560. Our video conferencing specialists are waiting!

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