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Yealink MCoreKit-C5-MS Microsoft Teams Rooms System Base Bundle

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SKU: MCoreKit-C5-MS
UPC: 841885118653
Condition: New
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Warranty: 2-Year Warranty
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Yealink MCoreKit-C5-MS Microsoft Teams Rooms System Base Bundle

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Get a base bundle to streamline the installation of a professional Microsoft Teams video conferencing system in large rooms. Consisting of a powerful mini-PC, large-screen touch controller and passive infrared sensor, Yealink MCoreKit-C5-MS is an elite solution for building the optimal Microsoft Teams meeting room.

Yealink MCore Pro is a dedicated computer for running the Microsoft Teams video conferencing software. Yealink chose the mini-PC's internals for optimal performance while handling video calls, so your team will never have to worry. It comes with the Microsoft Teams Rooms app already installed. Yealink MTouch Plus is a large-screen 11.6" tablet with integrated stand. It acts as an easy-to-use control console for your meeting room, giving users a dedicated interface for scheduling, starting and managing video calls, including adjusting cameras and more. Yealink RoomSensor is a passive infrared sensor (PIR) that enables automatic system wake-up when someone enters the meeting room. With these always-available Microsoft Teams Certified devices, workers will always have a professional video conferencing system when they need to collaborate.

Yealink MCoreKit-C5-MS Features:

  • Microsoft Teams Certified video conferencing base bundle
  • Includes mini-PC, touch controller and PIR sensor
  • MCore Pro:
    • Dedicated computer for always-available running of meeting room software
    • Specs chosen for optimal performance when driving Microsoft Teams video conferences
    • Comes with Microsoft Teams Rooms app pre-installed
  • MTouch Plus:
    • Large 11.6" touch controller with integrated stand for managing video conferences
    • Displays familiar Microsoft Teams UI for friction-less experience across devices
    • Schedule, start and manage meetings… and much more
  • RoomSensor:
    • Passive infrared (PIR) sensor
    • Enables convenient system auto-wake

Yealink MCoreKit-C5-MS Microsoft Teams Rooms System Base Bundle Includes:

  • Yealink MCore Pro package
  • Yealink MTouch Plus package
  • Yealink RoomSensor package

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