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Yealink MVC S60-C5-000 Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows Bundle for Medium Rooms

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SKU: MVC S60-C5-000
UPC: 841885118738
Condition: New
Availability: Usually Ships Same Business Day
Warranty: 2-Year Warranty
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Yealink MVC S60-C5-000 Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows Bundle for Medium Rooms

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Get a Microsoft Teams Certified bundle for professional 360° video conferencing in medium-sized rooms. This bundle comes includes an intelligent video conferencing camera/audio device plus large-screen touch controller and mini-PC. Using MVC S60-C5-000, you establish a native Microsoft Teams environment with cutting-edge audio/video performance for a simple, professional video meeting experience for users of all levels.

Yealink SmartVision 60 is an intelligent video conferencing camera with integrated microphones and speaker for an all-in-one solution. It takes 10k video in 360°, giving you total coverage of an area from one camera. To makes sure every participant gets their due, it features Multi-Stream People Feed, which automatically gives everyone their own frame. Because of the ultra-high-resolution camera, everyone still looks their best. More than just a camera, it also has a 6+1 microphone array for voice pickup out to nearly 20', as well as a 7W speaker to make sure every voice is heard clearly.

Yealink MTouch Pro is an 11.6" tablet with integrated stand that acts as a dedicated touch controller for the meeting room. It shows the Microsoft Teams interface to reduce cross-device friction and learning time. Use it to schedule, initiate and manage virtual meetings on Teams, including adjusting the camera. Yealink MCore Pro is a dedicated mini-PC that runs the video conferencing software. It has the Microsoft Teams Rooms app pre-installed to get your business collaborating quicker than ever. Yealink chose the mini-PC's internals specifically for optimal performance while driving Microsoft Teams meetings.

Yealink MVC S60-C5-000 Features:

  • Microsoft Teams Certified video conferencing bundle
  • Ideal for medium-sized meeting rooms
  • Includes intelligent video conferencing camera, large-screen touch controller and mini-PC
  • SmartVision 60:
    • Intelligent video conferencing camera with 360° audio/video
    • 10k panoramic 360° video for exceptional detail
    • Multi-Stream People Feed gives each participant their own video feed
    • HD 360° audio pickup out to nearly 20'
    • Powerful 7W speaker to allow everyone to listen to the conversation
  • MTouch Plus:
    • Large 11.6" touchscreen panel for managing your meeting room
    • Displays familiar Microsoft Teams UI for friction-less experience across devices
    • Schedule and initiate meetings, manage participants, and more
  • MCore Pro:
    • Mini-PC for always available running of meeting software
    • Specs chosen for optimal performance
    • Comes with Microsoft Teams Rooms app pre-installed

Yealink MVC S60-C5-000 Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows Bundle Includes:

  • Yealink SmartVision 60 package
  • Yealink MTouch Plus package
  • Yealink MCore Pro package

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