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Yealink MVC S40-C4-000 Microsoft Teams Rooms Bundle for Small to Medium Rooms

SKU: MVC S40-C4-000
UPC: 841885122896
Condition: New
Availability: Coming Soon
Warranty: 2 years
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Yealink MVC S40-C4-000 Microsoft Teams Rooms Bundle for Small to Medium Rooms


Get a simple, professional solution for Microsoft Teams video conferencing in small to medium rooms with Yealink MVC S40-C4-000. This bundle for Microsoft Teams Rooms comes with an intelligent video bar, 8" touch display, and powerful mini-PC.

SmartVision 40 is a USB video bar that uses AI algorithms to improve the video conferencing experience with intelligent face detection, sound source positioning, voice tracking, and more. The video bar uses feeds from dual 48MP cameras to provide exceptionally detailed and naturalistic quality. MTouch E2 is an upgraded 8" touchscreen panel for managing the video call, providing an intuitive, centralized control station for meetings. MCore Pro is a powerful mini-PC for running the meeting room software with specs chosen to provide optimal performance. With Yealink MVC S40-C4-000, you never have to worry about having a fully professional Microsoft Teams virtual meeting in small to medium rooms.

Yealink MVC S40-C4-000 Features:

  • SmartVision 40:
    • All-in-one video bar for professional video conferencing
    • Combines images from 2x 48MP cameras for ultra-high def video
    • 8x long-range microphones for extended voice pickup range
    • Stereo speakers let everyone hear the conversation
    • Face detection, sound source positioning, voice tracking, and more
  • MTouch E2:
    • 8" touchscreen panel for simple control of meeting rooms
    • Displays familiar Microsoft Teams UI for friction-less experience
    • Schedule and initiate meetings, manage participants, and more
  • MCore Pro:
    • Mini-PC for always available running of meeting software
    • Specs chosen for optimal performance
    • Comes with Microsoft Teams Rooms app pre-installed

Yealink MVC S40-C4-000 Microsoft Teams Rooms System Includes:

  • Yealink SmartVision 40 package
  • Yealink MTouch E2 package
  • Yealink MCore Pro package

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