Yealink MVC S90-C5-007 Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows Bundle

Yealink MVC S90-C5-007 Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows Bundle for Extra-Large Rooms

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MVC S90-C5-007
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Get a Microsoft Teams Certified bundle to enable professional video conferencing in extra-large meeting rooms and training rooms. This bundle includes two 4k UHD video conferencing cameras, 11.6" touch controller, A/V processor, USB adapter for multi-platform use, two 4k UHD wireless content sharing dongles, passive infrared (PIR) sensor, and powerful mini-PC.

Yealink UVC86 is a dual-eye intelligent video conferencing camera that supports up to 4k UHD video. It uses the dual-camera arrangement and powerful internals to enable highly accurate and fast auto-framing and speaker/group tracking. The package includes two UVC86's for coverage of extra-large groups. Connect the cameras to Yealink AVHub, an audio/video processor that integrates multiple feeds from cameras, microphones and speakers. It streamlines deployment and offloads processing power from the meeting computer. Control the arrangement of multiple video feeds through AVHub. It supports up to 9 cameras, up to 8 microphones and up to 4 speakers, making it a scalable solution for the meeting room, including integrating microphones from third-party manufacturers like Shure and Biamp.

Yealink MTouch Plus is an 11.6" touch controller that provides a dedicated meeting room console. With a familiar Teams UI and touchscreen UX, MTouch Plus simplifies the management of your meeting room. It gives all users a simple method of scheduling meetings, adjusting cameras, managing participants, and more. Yealink MCore Pro is a dedicated mini-PC for running the meeting room software. It has Microsoft Teams Rooms already installed, making it ready to go out-of-the-box. The specs were chosen by Yealink for optimal performance while powering Microsoft Teams meetings.

The package also includes several devices for improving the conference experience. Yealink RoomSensor is a passive infrared (PIR) sensor that can automatically wake-up the system. It can also act as an environmental sensor. Yealink WPP30 is a plug-and-play USB dongle for sharing content. It handles content up to 4k UHD, making it simple for meeting participants to share their work with the group. The package includes two WPP30's to help more group members share their ideas. Yealink MVC-BYOD-Extender is a USB adapter that lets you use your Yealink video conferencing devices with third-party platforms, eliminating lock-in.

Yealink MVC S90-C5-007 Features:

  • Microsoft Teams Certified video conferencing bundle
  • Ideal for extra-large meeting rooms and training rooms
  • Includes two video cameras, touch controller, A/V processor, versatile USB adapter, two wireless content sharing dongles, PIR sensor, and mini-PC
  • UVC86:
    • Dual-eye 4k UHD video conferencing camera
    • 12x optical zoom and full PTZ functionality
    • Auto-framing, speaker tracking, and presenter tracking
    • Package includes two UVC86s for extended coverage
  • MTouch Plus:
    • Large 11.6" touchscreen panel for managing your meeting room
    • Displays familiar Microsoft Teams UI for friction-less experience across devices
    • Schedule and initiate meetings, manage participants, and more
  • AVHub:
    • Multi-device audio/video processor for meeting rooms
    • Connect cameras, speakers, and microphones to AVHub
    • Processes A/V feeds to releases computer performance
  • MVC-BYOD-Extender:
    • USB adapter that lets you use video conferencing equipment with multiple platforms
  • WPP30:
    • Plug-and-play wireless content sharing device
    • Supports up to 4k UHD content
    • Has USB-C plug with USB-A adapter
    • Package includes two WPP30s
  • RoomSensor:
    • Passive infrared (PIR) sensor
    • Enables convenient auto-wake and environmental detection
  • MCore Pro:
    • Mini-PC for always available running of meeting software
    • Specs chosen for optimal performance
    • Comes with Microsoft Teams Rooms app pre-installed

Yealink MVC S90-C5-007 Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows Bundle Includes:

  • 2 - Yealink UVC86 packages
  • Yealink MTouch Plus package
  • Yealink AVHub package
  • Yealink MVC-BYOD-Extender package
  • 2 - Yealink WPP30 packages
  • Yealink RoomSensor package
  • Yealink MCore Pro package

Yealink MVC S90-C5-007 Resources:

4k Ultra HD
Content Sharing:
Room Size:
Extra Large Room
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