Yealink ZVC860-C5-000

Yealink ZVC860-C5-000 Zoom Rooms Bundle for Medium to Large Rooms

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Get a Zoom Rooms Certified video conferencing bundle for medium to large rooms. Yealink ZVC860-C5-000 comes with a powerful mini-PC, large-screen touch panel, 4k UHD camera and passive infrared sensor.

MCore Pro is an upgraded Windows mini-PC that runs the Zoom software. A dedicated meeting room computer makes sure that everyone will be able to collaborate whenever they need to. It has the Zoom Rooms app already installed. MTouch Plus is a large-screen touch panel with integrated stand. It has an 11.6” touchscreen display, giving users of all levels a simple way to control the video call. It has the Zoom Rooms app already installed and shows the familiar Zoom interface. UVC86 is a dual-eye, 4k UHD camera with a PTZ and Panoramic camera in one device. The PTZ camera has better than 20x zoom and the Panoramic camera improves auto-framing and speaker and presenter tracking. RoomSensor is a PIR (passive infrared) sensor that enables automatic system wake-up when someone enters the meeting room. It is a wireless, battery-powered device for mounting on the ceiling.

Yealink ZVC860-C5-000 Features:

  • Zoom Rooms Certified video conferencing bundle for medium to large rooms
  • No audio devices: bring your own microphones and speakers
  • Yealink MCore Pro
    • Upgraded mini-PC for running meeting room software
    • Zoom Rooms app pre-installed
    • Internal components chosen for optimal performance
    • Dedicated computer so professional video calls are always ready to go
  • Yealink MTouch Plus
    • 11.6” touch panel with integrated, adjustable stand
    • Zoom Rooms app pre-installed
    • Familiar touch-based interface for managing video calls
  • Yealink UVC86
    • Dual-eye video conferencing camera
    • 4k UHD resolution
    • PTZ camera with 20.4x zoom
    • Panoramic camera improves automatic features
    • Auto-framing, speaker and presenter tracking
  • Yealink RoomSensor
    • Wireless, battery-powered PIR (passive infrared) sensor
    • Enables automatic video conferencing system wake-up
    • Intended for ceiling installation in the meeting room
    • Can monitor environmental conditions including light and temperature

Yealink ZVC860 Zoom Rooms 3rd-Gen Video Conferencing Bundle Includes:

  • Yealink MCore Pro package
  • Yealink MTouch Plus package
  • Yealink UVC86 package
  • Yealink RoomSensor package

Yealink ZVC860-C5-000 Resources:

4k Ultra HD
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Medium Room
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Large Room
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